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1. Curbside Recycling

1.1 Blue Recycling Container

You can use the blue container for newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office paper, brown paper shopping bags, old phonebooks, and clean unwaxed corrugated cardboard. Please cut cardboard to a maximum of 3 foot squares. Do not put cereal boxes, pizza boxes, waxed boxes or paper drink carriers in the blue container.

1.2 Green Recycling Container

The green rectcling container should be used for rinsed plastic bottles and jarswith the numbers 1 and 2 (inside triangle on bottom or side of bottle or jar), glass bottles and jars, (any color), aluminum and steel foor and beverage cans. Please remove all caps and lids and place in garbage. Do not put in plastic tubs or cups, aluminum pans or foil, hangers, or household batteries.

2. Household Chemicals and Electronics Collections

Hillsborough County Residents are encouraged to safely dispose of household chemicalsand electronicsby taking them to our collection events for proper disposal. These events are scheduled at three locations on Saturdays from 8AM to 2PM and are for houshold residents only, not businesses or other organizations.


1st Saturday of the month at 9805 Sheldon Road (Northwest County)


2nd Saturday of the month on Powell Road 1/4 mile North of Big Bend Road (South County)


3rd Saturday of the month on CR 579, 1/4 mile north of I-4 (East County)


Insecticides, paint, TV's, and computers are some of the items taken at these collections. For more information about the household chemicals and electronics collections please visit the HomeSafeHome website or call the Solid Waste Management Department at (813) 272-5680.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I place my solid waste (household garbage, recyclables or yard waste) out for collection and it is not picked-up, what should I do?


A: Contact the hillsborough County Franchise Collection Company that provides solid waste collection service in your area to report the missed collection immediately.

  • Liberty Waste and Recycling (813) 248-2820
  • Republic Waste Services (813) 265-0292
  • Waste Management of Tampa (813) 621-3053


Q: What happens if my solid waste pickup day falls on a holiday?


A: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, the Fourth of July (Independence Day) and Labor Day are Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management System designated holidays. There will be no residential solid waste collection services on these days. There is no make-up day for solid waste collection services. You may set out twice the amount of solid waste on your next regularly scheduled collection day.


Q: Can I set out more than three containers of solid waste for curbside collection?


A: Residential solid waste customers can only set out up to three 35 gallon containers of household garbage per collection day. However, if you have more than three 35-gallon containers of solid waste for disposal, you can contact the County's Franchise Collection Company that provides solid waste collection service in your area, to make arrangements for a special collection for an additional fee. You may also wait until your next collection day.


Q: My household garbage is only collected twice a week and sometimes has an odor. What can I do to better manage the odor?


A: Hillsborough Coutny ordinance requires that household garbage must be placed in plastic bags and tied before being placed into the garbage container. Containers are required to be kept out of sight on non-collection days. If the household garbage is bagged properly and the container lid is closed tightly, odor should not be a problem.


Q: How much yard waste is acceptable for curbside collection?


A: You may set out up to twelve 30-gallon containers of yardwaste (branches, limbs, grass clippings, shrubbery, etc.) cut to 4-foot lengths and no more than 6-inches in diameter, neatly stacked, bundled and/or bagged for collection. The weight of each container bundled, bagged or individual item must not exceed 50lbs. Residential customers may also deliver excess amounts of yard waste to one of the County's three (3) yard waste processing facilities located at: 350 Falkenburg Road, 9805 Sheldon Road or 1300 U.S. Highway 41 just North of Big Bend Road.


To contact the Solid Waste Management Department call 272-5680 or by email at